St Volodymyr Camp 2014

Camp was July 25-August 1 2014 this year. See what we are up to each day by checking out our daily photo blog!

Morning Afternoon Evening
Friday     Moleben with Father Janko
Saturday Horse Fun with Teresa    
Sunday   Praznyk/ Open Day Soccer with Father Janko
Monday Shevchenko 200 Activity with Marion Mutala   Straight Shooters Archery
Tuesday   Excursion to Pike Lake Excursion to Pike Lake
Wednesday Glass Painting with Tanya Panamaroff Kozak Zabava So you think you can Polka
Thurday Bricks for God    
Friday   Closing Ceremony Gone

St Volodymyr 2014 Poster

St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Eparchial Camp

Український Католицький Епархіяльний Табір Святого Bолодимира

Friday July 25 2014 6:00PM – Friday August 1 2014 6:00PM

Camp Location: St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Park near Pike Lake

Ages 8 -14

Cost is $200.00 Per Camper

Our Camp Director

Zhaba/ Жаба

Camp Director Zhaba frog

Our Camp Director and Captain of enthusiasm for 2014 is Sophia Nahachewsky, at camp you can call her by her camp name Zhaba (Жаба) meaning frog. She is a psysanky writing, carol singing, perohy eating, polka machine! Her experience with St. Michaels Ukrainian Catholic Camp, Air Cadets and Kids Are Creative programs means, BE PREPARED FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!! We are so lucky to have Sophia on board this year.

Our Camp Counselors

Kohut/ когут

Kirk's the one in the red shirt
Kohut’s the one in the red shirt

Our fearless leader of the boys cabin is Kirk Megyesi, you can call him Kohut (когут) meaning Rooster. His vast experience with St. Volodymyr Camp as well as building fires and other wildness knowledge makes him the perfect counselor. Kirk is involved in Junior Achievement and Royal Canadian Army Cadet which makes him a great leader and role model for our youth. He’s a blast.

Sofia (Camp Name TBA)

Sofia - Coulsenor

Sofia Larmour is new to St. Volodymyr Camp and brings a ton of experience working with youth from her time at Ukrainian Park Camp Manitoba, and Vacation Bible School Camp. She is a basketball champion and has lots of energy and enthusiasm. She has been a part of Holy Fire Choir at St. Peter and Paul and is very excited to meet everyone at camp! You will all just love her!

Luke (Camp Name TBA)


Luke Megyesi loves to work hard and play hard! He is a new counselor this year and is super stoked to prepare an experience of a life time for all our campers. Luke is involved in the Royal Canadian Army Cadets and Junior Achievement. He also volunteers with group activities at Big Brothers Big Sisters. What a cool guy!

Marie (Camp Name TBA)

Marie - Counselor

Marie Larmour is also new to St Volodymyr Camp. Her experience as co-coordinator of the Junior Youth Program at St. Peter and Paul Parish means be ready for an amazing experience! Marie has been a volunteer with children and youth programs for 9 years at St P&P which makes her a great leader and mentor. Be prepared to sing around the camp fire with Marie! She’s amazing!!

Counselors in Training



Jaden Senger is back as Counselor in training this year. You can call her Kupalka (купалка) which means Fire Fly. She is a great friend and loves being with the campers! Jaden is a Ukrainian Dancer and loves babysitting, baking and spending time with her family. You will love spending your summer with her!


Maria - CIT

Maria Olenick is a new CIT to St. Volodymyr Camp but has been a camper at St. Michaels for many years! At camp you can call her Burya which means Storm. She loves the outdoors, music, and sports! She wants to help our campers create life long memories because she has so many great memories from her time as a camper. We are very happy to welcome Maria to the team.



April was a camper at St. Volodymyr last year and is ready to take the step up to CIT. April loves to play flag football, volleyball, basketball and other outdoor games! She also loves to get in touch with nature. Her experience with girl guides Canada gives her the skills she requires to be a great leader and advocate for the natural world! We’ll al have a blast with April at camp!


Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

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