General Information

St Volodymyr Ukrainian Park

Quiet time 11pm

There is no life guard on duty at the swimming pool. The deepest pool area is 5 feet at the south end.

A number of individual Park users who have keys to the entrance gate may use the Park at any time. When the Park facilities have been booked for events, Key Holders are to be courteous to the individuals or organizations who have rented the facilities and are to stay away from the area or facilities that are rented.

Warman RCMP have access to the Park and may check the Park periodically. (306-975-1670)

Please help preserve the Park as a safe and peaceful facility. Report rowdiness, vandalism, or unauthorized access to the booking agent. Vehicle descriptions, license numbers, descriptions of persons and any other detailed information will be helpful. If there is suspicion of unauthorized access, a Park Board Director may ask a Park User to identify themselves by asking for their name and key number, which they must provide upon request.

In case of an emergency at the Park, please call 911.

Power generators are prohibited from being used within the park. Please use inverter generators if requiring extra power for camping. 15AMP power is available on site.


Special rates are available for Schools and Ukrainian Catholic Organizations. 

Ask your booking agent for details.

Special requests can be negotiated with the booking agent and may incur additional fees.

Fees and facilities are subject to change for bookings made 6 months or more in advance. Should there be a change in fees or facilities available, you will be advised and will have the option of canceling your booking.

A non-refundable deposit (with exception of the Park canceling your booking) will be required 3 months in advance of your booked date.

Please make cheques payable to St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Park Inc.

If using Etransfer please use the comments section to clearly define what the payment if for.


Renters are responsible for the security of their group. Renters should keep the front gate locked to ensure no one is entering unauthorized. If you see any unusual activity in the park, please alert the rental agent. If it is of an urgent nature, please call 911. Corman Park police have access to the site and drive on the property sometimes to check on the security of the park.

Don’t hesitate to contact the rental agent if there is trouble of any kind during your booking. For events involving liquor, it is in your best interest to hire a professional security company to ensure the safety of guests who are consuming liquor.

Vehicles (including all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and all other motorized vehicles) 

are not to be operated on playgrounds, campsites, baseball diamonds or picnic sites, are not to be parked on roadways. Vehicles will always observe a maximum speed limit of 15 km/hr , in all areas of the Park.

Laws Governing Public Places Apply

The Park is deemed to be a public place. All federal, provincial and municipal laws, statutes, and regulations pertaining to public places are in force on Park property. Therefore Saskatchewan liquor laws and regulations apply. It is the responsibility of the users of the Park to obtain liquor permits for all rentals.

Preservation of Environment / Pet Control

Live trees and shrubs are not to be cut down or disturbed. Dead-fall may be collected for use as firewood.

Animals and birds are not to be hunted, trapped, stalked or disturbed.

Firearms, air-guns, spring operated guns, traps as well as any other hunting or trapping apparatus, are strictly prohibited within the Park.

Dumping of sewage or waste water in the Park is prohibited.

Pets are allowed in the park subject to the following restrictions and provisions:

Dogs are to be leashed at all times and in all areas of the Park

No pets of any kind are allowed in the swimming pool

All pet excrement must be immediately removed (may be deposited in the Park garbage containers).

Leaving the Park in Good Order

Checkout time is 11:00 am on the last day of rental. Consult your rental agent if you require a late check out.

Upon leaving the Park:

All open fires are to be completely extinguished, including briquettes in barbeques.

All buildings, including washrooms, are to be left clean. Floors are to be swept and washed. Lights and water taps must be turned off. Doors are to be locked upon departure.

Other facilities, including propane barbeque, camping and picnic sites, and the grounds generally are to be left clean and tidy. Garbage is to be placed in Park garbage containers.

All vehicles, campers, trailers, tents and any other kind of equipment must be removed.

The Park entrance gate is to be locked at all times and all keys for rentals of the Park, must be returned to the booking agent. Be sure to lock the gate when leaving the park.

If the Park or its amenities are not left in good order, renters and or Key Holders are responsible for any extra fees needed to bring it back to its proper state. This includes but is not limited to (repairs to damaged property, garbage removal, cleaning campsites, cleaning bathrooms, etc,) Please remember to clean up your mess.

Renters are responsible for their guests and the actions of their guests during the rental. Please be sure to have a responsible individual in charge of the event at the park at all times to ensure the rules are being followed. This persons/these peoples name should be listed on the rental form.


The use of fireworks is permitted within the Park. The only area designated for the use of fireworks is the ball diamond area.

Fireworks are not permitted if Corman Park has issued a fire ban. The person(s) found using fireworks in the duration of a fire ban will be responsible and liable for all consequences and costs that arise if a fire or any damage is caused to the Park, due to the fireworks.

Fireworks shall be used by a responsible, competent person and shall be used in a safe manor to not harm the park or its occupants.

If you choose to use fireworks within the Park you are responsible for the cleanup of the debris left behind from them.

Anyone planning on using fireworks within the Park for any event, please contact the booking agent and let them know you will be doing so.

Tax Status and Fees

Following Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, it is not possible to issue tax receipts for personal access fees. However, donations that do qualify for tax deductions can be directed to:

Ukrainian Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Saskatchewan

214 Ave. M South

Saskatoon SK, S7M 2K4

Donations help cover increasing costs and are truly appreciated. 

Please make cheques payable to “Ukrainian Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Saskatchewan” and indicate that the donation is made for the benefit of St. Volodymyr Park Inc.

Future directions for the St. Volodymyr Park.

The goals of the Park Board, over the coming years are to substantially enhance Park facilities and re-focus on the primary objective of the Park as a facility for the spiritual, recreational, cultural and educational benefit of the Ukrainian Catholic community in the Eparchy of Saskatoon.

Thank you for using St. Volodymyr Park