Thank you for the food!

We appreciate everyone’s contributions and donations to camp. I hope I didn’t miss anyone:

Dwayne and Lorna Sabulsky – 2 watermelons and knife set

Bev and Mike Luczka – 2 fans, 6 watermelons, 10 pineapples

Hania and David Nahachewsky – Pizza pans, Saskatoon berry tarts

Linda Zemluk – rice krispy cake, watermelons

Janine Johnston – Ice Tea, cheese crackers and minchie mix

Olena Ivanin and Sergii Kovalenko – crackers and marshmellows

Seman Family – apples and cookies

Laruianne Gabruch – 2 large dish washing sinks

Natalia Garmasar – 3 packages of yogurt and 2 boxes of ritz crackers, bologna, cheese, water, candies

Sobey’s – 25$ at Preston Crossing

Linda and Terry Zemluk – Water cooler jubs 2 bags of scuffles

Bob and Dawn Ewert-Semeniuk – electric skillets, salad spinners, watermelon, disposable pans, pencils, juice boxes, paper bags

Rob and Sharleen Montague – box of freezies

Jen Downing – cookies, 3 watermelons, 2 boxes of popsicles

Tanya and Marko Baran – shower certians (mildew free!)


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