Camp Packing List

Packing List

Reminder to parents that campers are not allowed to have their cell phone or other electronics at camp. This is a great opportunity for children to “unplug” for a week.


Camp Packing List

Packing List: (Please label all belongings)

Air Mattress or foam (39″ x 76″) to fit in bunk bed
Sleeping bag and 2 bed sheets – don’t forget your pillow!
2 towels and 2 face cloths
Toiletries including soap and shampoo
2 swim suits
aqua shoes and sun hat or cap
Re-usable water bottle
Clothes for 10 days (prepare for all types of weather)
*Remember there is no laundry services on the camp site.
Running Shoes
Extra socks
Rain Coat & Rubber Boots
Laundry Bag
Sun Screen and INSECT REPELLENT (2-3 cans)
After Bite
Small back pack for excursion day

Please label all of your belongings

Do NOT bring: cell phones, electronics, expensive items that might be damaged or lost at camp. Please do not pack food as it may attract bugs or small animals into the cabins (snacks and meals will be provided). If you must bring food or snacks for your camper they must be stored in a sealed container in the kitchen and eating areas.


Must be clearly labeled with campers name and given to the camp director to be distributed during camp. Mark all medications on your medical form.

Special Supplies

If you have the following items that you could lend for an activity please let us know.

– If you have an extra air mattress that could be lent to someone who does not have one please let us know and we will contact you if it’s needed.