Camp Registration Forms 2023

Please find below Registration forms – there are separate forms in Ukrainian and English

Реєстраційні форми табору

Будь ласка, знайдіть нижче Реєстраційні форми – Окремі форми українською та англійською мовами

Молодіжний табір зараз заповнений

Підлітковий табір ще приймає реєстрацію



Youth Camp is now full

Teen Camp is still accepting registration

Renters Guide

St Volodymyr Park
Renters Guide Updated 2023

St Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Eparchial Park is a facility owned and operated by the Ukrainian
Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon. The purpose of the park is providing a facility for the spiritual,
recreational, cultural and education benefit of the Ukrainian Catholic Community in the Eparchy of
Saskatoon. It is run by a group of dedicated volunteers from the Eparchy and supported by the Ukrainian
Catholic community.

Over the years we have been able to share our space with many family reunions, weddings, school
groups and community organizations. Although the park space will be booked for you, it is understood
that the event does not have exclusive use of the park. Our Key holder members always have access to
the use of the park and may be using the park for recreational purposes like camping, picnics or
swimming while you are there. Every key holder member has a key to the front gate and washroom
facilities so it’s important that you keep the front gate locked after all your guests arrive and be sure to
lock the washroom facility before you leave the park at the end of your booking.

Main Fire Pit Area

Renters are responsible for the security of their group. We recommend you keep the front gate locked to ensure no one is entering unauthorized. If you see any unusual activity in the park, please alert the rental agent. If it is of an urgent nature, please call 911. Corman Park police have access to the site and drive on to the property sometimes as well.

Entrance Gate

We believe that it is in your best interest to consult and hire a professional security company for your events that involve large groups of people or liquor consumption (even for a smaller group). This way you can focus on the enjoyment of your event and avoid any problems with intoxicated guests or unwanted visitors. Remember the park is run by volunteers and we do not employ any security staff for these purposes. Please plan accordingly for your event.

Cell Phones and Internet
Cell phone service can be a little bit spotty and we do not have WiFi, so sit back, unplug and enjoy a getaway from your device while at the park.

Before you leave
Put garbage in loraas bin currently located on the road to the pool.

Remove all the supplies you brought – we know you think you are doing us a favor by leaving supplies,
but we kindly ask that you do not.

Put tables/chairs/ back how you found them

Lock all buildings including the bathrooms facility and front gate

Instructions for cleaning the BBQ with Propane
After use: Use grill brick and cleaning. solution provided, clean the racks (They can be removed to clean
them properly)
Rinse out water trays
We expect that the BBQ will be thoroughly cleaned by the renter before they leave the park.

The Buildings
Besides the washroom facility all buildings must be rented through the rental agent and key holders to not have access to these buildings.

Kitchen Hall

Kitchen Hall

Our kitchen facility is a great home base for meals during your rental. It has 2 fridges, deep freezer, stove, sink and basic cleaning supplies. Garbage cans and garbage bags are provided for you.

The sink is not an industrial sink so does not always keep up with large amounts of usage for washing dishes. We recommend only using the sink for necessities and not relying on it for large amounts of dish washing.

The kitchen hall does not provide any cooking supplies so please be prepared by bringing anything you need for food preparation and serving. We recommend that you consider packing the following:
Pots & Pans
Tinfoil/ziplock/saran wrap
Tea Towles and dish clothes
Dishes/bowls/cups/ mugs/
Napkins or paper towel
Sharp knife for cutting
Supplies for starting the camp fire (matches/lighter/paper)
Hotdog roasting sticks or bush pie devices
Serving spoons/spatula
Table cloths

Hafford Hall

Hafford Hall was relocated to our park from the town of Hafford SK and is the small town community hall that you would expect. Tables and benches are provided in the hall. Tables can not be moved outside mostly because they are large and heavy and we want to avoid damage to them. There is also a small
stage and some power outlets inside. This hall would be a great location for registration, to display photos or posters, to do indoor rainyday activities like crafts or bring a projector to show a movie (public viewing license rules must be followed). The hall does not provide a projector however there is a screen installed for your convenience. The hall does have electricity but does not have any plumbing.

Hafford Hall

Washrooms and Shower Facility

There is one modern washroom and shower facility in the park located between Hafford Hall and the Swimming Pool. They have 2 toilets and 2 showers one for each men and women. The door to the washroom and shower facility is locked when not in use. Your entrance key will also open the washrooms and shower facility. The facility is used by renters and key holders. We recommend that you keep
the outdoor light on over night and keep the inside light off when not in use. Please be sure to lock the washroom and shower facility before you leave after your rental is done. You will notice many old-fashioned out houses (drop toilets) located around the site. If you have a large group or using areas that are not close to the washroom and shower facility you may choose to rent portable toilets and have them delivered to the site.

Washroom/Shower Facility

Upstairs/ Downstairs
Our park has an “upstairs” top of the hill and “downstairs” bottom of the hill. You can get from upstairs to downstairs by driving or walking. Please remember to observe a 15KPH speed limit while using the road to watch out for people walking.


The Hutsal style church on the hill is a beautiful reminder of the Ukrainian Catholic faith that built the vision of the Park (established 1982). It is a beautiful landmark, so remember to snap some photos while you are there. The church is not open to regular Sunday services; it can however be rented with the permission of the Ukrainian Catholic Bishop for religious purposes. Every now and then the park board will arrange for a celebration of the Ukrainian Catholic Divine Liturgy. If this is the case you might
hear the ringing of the bells before the service begins.


Upstairs Kitchen Hall
We do have a well-equipped kitchen and hall at the top of the hill beside the church. This building can
be rented and seats about 80 people comfortably. There is no air conditioning however we do have
some fans and plenty of doors and windows to create air flow. There are no modern bathroom facilities in this area however a set of outhouses are located next to the church. You can walk from the kitchen hall to the “downstairs” using a small trail. The park also owns and maintains 2 outhouses that can be placed near the venue at your request.

Sports Equipment
We do not guarantee that sports equipment will be available however upon request we have horse shoes (which must be returned as given), soccer nets, and sometimes an assortment of balls. You may be asked to sign out the equipment to ensure it is returned in full. The site has a beach volley ball court and net near the pool, baseball diamond with bleachers, swimming pool, playground equipment, nature hikes, horse shoe pits, multipurpose sports court and a large field great for all kinds of sports. Please do not drive or park on the baseball field. Parking is limited to the spaces along the tree line near the main
camp fire pit, the field between the pool and the main road, and the camping spaces located around the
swimming pool. Please notice during wet seasons that parking on the grass may be limited. We trust all users will follow any no parking signs on the site during their visit.

There are several places perfect for setting up a tent or parking a camper. There many taps for
drinking water and deadfall can be gathered and used as firewood. Camp fires must be kept to
the provided camp fire rings and BBQ pits. Bring an axe for chopping.

***** NEW 2023 *******
There are 15 marked campsites which can be reserved in advance for a fee. Key holders are able to reserve spots two weeks before the date using the camp site rental link provided upon payment of fees.

Camp Sites #1-#6 are available for rental groups at no additional cost. Please indicate on your rental form if you wish to use these sites for over night camping.

Camp Sites #7-#15 are available to rent at an additional fee of $25.00 per site per day.

Please remember that the park quiet time is 11PM. If your event requires a later quiet time, like a wedding, please inform your rental agent during your booking. We will ensure that any key holders who are camping are made aware of the special event and extended quiet time.

There are outlets located around the campgrounds, they are 15amps. We ask that no generators be used because they are so loud however if you wish to use an inverter generator (quieter) please feel free to do so. There are also some light posts around the camping and bathroom areas that can be turned on at the pole. This will be helpful to use when the sun goes down. If you plug in 2 campers to the same outlet you might have a breaker blow. If this happens the breaker is located next to the box beside the plug in. Please reduce your power load and reset the breaker. That means each post can host 2 campers plugged in. There are 7 posts so plug ins for up to 14 campers.

Bunk Cabins

Our bunk cabins will take you back to your child hood camp memories. The cabins have 4 walls, windows, 2 doors and 6 bunk bed frames -housing up to 12 people. We do not provide mattresses or bedding. The best size mattress for the frames are 39” x 76”. There is electricity in the cabins but no running water. Washroom/shower facility is a short walk down the path from the cabins. There are 4 bunk cabins on site. The doors on these cabins do not lock so please do not leave any large crates of gold and gems in them unattended. Food in the cabins will likely attract wildlife or bugs so please use caution when storing any food.

Bunk Cabins
Mattresses and Bedding Not Included

Cabin #5 – Directors Cabin

This cabin includes a fridge, 2 beds, table and chair, lounging bench/chair/coffee table. The
doors in this cabin lock. It also has a porch. There is no mattresses or bedding supplies so please
bring your own.

Cabin 5 (Directors Cabin)

Cabin #6 – Mini Cabin Plus

This cabin also has a fridge and 2 beds, otherwise there is not much else in there. Just a place to put your
mattress and bedding so you can lay your head. There is also a window. The door locks in this cabin. There is electricity but no running water.

Cabin 6
Cabin 6
cabin 6
cabin 7

Cabin #7 – Mini Cabin
This cabin is very simple, it has 3 bunk bed frames in it. No mattresses or bedding provided, so please bring your own. The door has a lock. It has 4 walls, some windows and a door. Has electricity but no running water.

Cabins General
You can arrive to the cabins 2 ways, walking path or driving on a service road. If you need to
drop off supplies or equipment you can drive right up to the cabins. There are also spaces to
park if needed. If you have many people driving that way, please keep in mind the road is
narrow so you might end up in a traffic jam so plan accordingly.

There is a large flood light in the cabin area that is controlled by an electrical box on the power
pole in the middle of the cabin area. There is also a breaker box there.

When camping at St Volodymyr Camp we recommend loads of bug spray and maybe a zapper
or citronella candles or other mosquito repelling strategies. As with any wilderness areas, you
will want to take precautions for ticks and other insects. Some years have more or less bugs,
you can consult your rental agent for what the current status is on the bug situation. There are no mirrors in the cabins, the only mirrors are in the bathroom facility.

Liquor License
Permits are required for anyone selling alcohol, or for anyone serving alcohol at an event that is not held in a commercially permitted establishment, a private residence or another private place. This is true for private, invitation-only events as well as for public events.
All applicants for special occasion permits should apply at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled function to ensure adequate time for processing.
For more information on or to apply for a special occasion permit, talk to a Customer Service Representatives at your nearest store. You can also apply online at

Rental Guide 2023
This rental guide is a work in progress. I welcome any feedback as to what was helpful or less
helpful for people planning functions at Ukrainian Park. What additional information you’d like provided.

Rental Coordinator: Alanna King 306-220-2624 rentals.stvolodymyr@stvolodymyrcamp

Rental Coordinator assistant: Jesse and Cassandra Chrusch

General Information

St Volodymyr Ukrainian Park

Quiet time 11pm

There is no life guard on duty at the swimming pool. The deepest pool area is 5 feet at the south end.

A number of individual Park users who have keys to the entrance gate may use the Park at any time. When the Park facilities have been booked for events, Key Holders are to be courteous to the individuals or organizations who have rented the facilities and are to stay away from the area or facilities that are rented.

Warman RCMP have access to the Park and may check the Park periodically. (306-975-1670)

Please help preserve the Park as a safe and peaceful facility. Report rowdiness, vandalism, or unauthorized access to the booking agent. Vehicle descriptions, license numbers, descriptions of persons and any other detailed information will be helpful. If there is suspicion of unauthorized access, a Park Board Director may ask a Park User to identify themselves by asking for their name and key number, which they must provide upon request.

In case of an emergency at the Park, please call 911.

Power generators are prohibited from being used within the park. Please use inverter generators if requiring extra power for camping. 15AMP power is available on site.


Special rates are available for Schools and Ukrainian Catholic Organizations. 

Ask your booking agent for details.

Special requests can be negotiated with the booking agent and may incur additional fees.

Fees and facilities are subject to change for bookings made 6 months or more in advance. Should there be a change in fees or facilities available, you will be advised and will have the option of canceling your booking.

A non-refundable deposit (with exception of the Park canceling your booking) will be required 3 months in advance of your booked date.

Please make cheques payable to St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Park Inc.

If using Etransfer please use the comments section to clearly define what the payment if for.


Renters are responsible for the security of their group. Renters should keep the front gate locked to ensure no one is entering unauthorized. If you see any unusual activity in the park, please alert the rental agent. If it is of an urgent nature, please call 911. Corman Park police have access to the site and drive on the property sometimes to check on the security of the park.

Don’t hesitate to contact the rental agent if there is trouble of any kind during your booking. For events involving liquor, it is in your best interest to hire a professional security company to ensure the safety of guests who are consuming liquor.

Vehicles (including all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and all other motorized vehicles) 

are not to be operated on playgrounds, campsites, baseball diamonds or picnic sites, are not to be parked on roadways. Vehicles will always observe a maximum speed limit of 15 km/hr , in all areas of the Park.

Laws Governing Public Places Apply

The Park is deemed to be a public place. All federal, provincial and municipal laws, statutes, and regulations pertaining to public places are in force on Park property. Therefore Saskatchewan liquor laws and regulations apply. It is the responsibility of the users of the Park to obtain liquor permits for all rentals.

Preservation of Environment / Pet Control

Live trees and shrubs are not to be cut down or disturbed. Dead-fall may be collected for use as firewood.

Animals and birds are not to be hunted, trapped, stalked or disturbed.

Firearms, air-guns, spring operated guns, traps as well as any other hunting or trapping apparatus, are strictly prohibited within the Park.

Dumping of sewage or waste water in the Park is prohibited.

Pets are allowed in the park subject to the following restrictions and provisions:

Dogs are to be leashed at all times and in all areas of the Park

No pets of any kind are allowed in the swimming pool

All pet excrement must be immediately removed (may be deposited in the Park garbage containers).

Leaving the Park in Good Order

Checkout time is 11:00 am on the last day of rental. Consult your rental agent if you require a late check out.

Upon leaving the Park:

All open fires are to be completely extinguished, including briquettes in barbeques.

All buildings, including washrooms, are to be left clean. Floors are to be swept and washed. Lights and water taps must be turned off. Doors are to be locked upon departure.

Other facilities, including propane barbeque, camping and picnic sites, and the grounds generally are to be left clean and tidy. Garbage is to be placed in Park garbage containers.

All vehicles, campers, trailers, tents and any other kind of equipment must be removed.

The Park entrance gate is to be locked at all times and all keys for rentals of the Park, must be returned to the booking agent. Be sure to lock the gate when leaving the park.

If the Park or its amenities are not left in good order, renters and or Key Holders are responsible for any extra fees needed to bring it back to its proper state. This includes but is not limited to (repairs to damaged property, garbage removal, cleaning campsites, cleaning bathrooms, etc,) Please remember to clean up your mess.

Renters are responsible for their guests and the actions of their guests during the rental. Please be sure to have a responsible individual in charge of the event at the park at all times to ensure the rules are being followed. This persons/these peoples name should be listed on the rental form.


The use of fireworks is permitted within the Park. The only area designated for the use of fireworks is the ball diamond area.

Fireworks are not permitted if Corman Park has issued a fire ban. The person(s) found using fireworks in the duration of a fire ban will be responsible and liable for all consequences and costs that arise if a fire or any damage is caused to the Park, due to the fireworks.

Fireworks shall be used by a responsible, competent person and shall be used in a safe manor to not harm the park or its occupants.

If you choose to use fireworks within the Park you are responsible for the cleanup of the debris left behind from them.

Anyone planning on using fireworks within the Park for any event, please contact the booking agent and let them know you will be doing so.

Tax Status and Fees

Following Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, it is not possible to issue tax receipts for personal access fees. However, donations that do qualify for tax deductions can be directed to:

Ukrainian Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Saskatchewan

214 Ave. M South

Saskatoon SK, S7M 2K4

Donations help cover increasing costs and are truly appreciated. 

Please make cheques payable to “Ukrainian Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Saskatchewan” and indicate that the donation is made for the benefit of St. Volodymyr Park Inc.

Future directions for the St. Volodymyr Park.

The goals of the Park Board, over the coming years are to substantially enhance Park facilities and re-focus on the primary objective of the Park as a facility for the spiritual, recreational, cultural and educational benefit of the Ukrainian Catholic community in the Eparchy of Saskatoon.

Thank you for using St. Volodymyr Park

CYLA: Catholic Youth Leadership Academy.

We are pleased to inform you that our Youth and Young Adult Office of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon is launching a new leadership program for all young people of Saskatchewan ages 14-18 called CYLA: Catholic Youth Leadership Academy. This program is based on the Salesian program called Animating, We Learn. Educational Tools for Young Animators (Salesian program of St.John Bosco).

CYLA’s Goals: 

-to form young leaders who will serve our parishes, camps, and places of need. 

-to evangelize and form missionary disciples who will inspire and courageously profess their faith. 

-to equip young leaders with the knowledge of our Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic tradition (based on the UGCC Catechism “Christ – Our Pascha”). 

-to build a unique inspiring community of young people who love Christ and want to follow the footsteps of the missionary spirit of Holy Mary. 

Here is the YouTube link to the CYLA video :

Registration link

Celebrating Fr Wolodymyr Iwaszko

Registration Link

Celebrating the life of Fr. Wolodymyr Iwaszko and his contributions to the Ukrainian-Canadian community.

In conjunction with St. Volodymyr Feastday and the 40th Anniversary of St. Volodymyr Church.

Saturday July 23, 2022 @ St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Park (Hwy 60) and Sunday July 24, 2022 @ St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral (Saskatoon)

Saturday, July 23 @ St. Volodydmyr Park (Hwy 60):
•Blessing of the Park Church & Divine Liturgy – 2:30 PM
•Unveiling & blessing of Fr. Iwaszko Memorial Plaque
•Walking tour of St. Volodymyr Park
•BBQ (Hosted by UCBC Bishop Roberecki Branch #304)
•Presentation of the book ‘From Sambir to Saskatoon’
•Bonfire and Activities

Sunday, July 24 @ St. St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral (Saskatoon):
•Divine Liturgy & Panakhyda – 9:30 AM
•Brunch (Hosted by St. George’s UCWLC)

Opportunities both days to visit Woodlawn Cemetery, Musée Ukraina Museum, and the Shrine of Venerable Nun Martyrs Olympia and Laurentia.

Special Guests – including relatives of Fr. Iwaszko and National Plast Representatives.


Registration link:…/18…/viewform…

Registration deadline: Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

Facebook Event Page

Camp Medical Form

Camp Medical Forms are required upon arriving to the first day of camp. You can fill in a hard copy of the medical form before you arrive or you can fill one in upon arrival. Medical forms should be up to date as of drop off time. Medications need to be placed in a zip lock bag and labeled with the participants name and instructions on giving medications. This includes over the counter medications like pain killers or allergy medications.

Counselor Team 2022

Camp Directors

Лев/Lev (Luke)

Howdy Campers! Capitan Luke here but you can call me Lev which means Lion in Ukrainian. The number one thing I’m looking forward to the most is… everything!!

Старий дуб/Staryi Dub (Adam)

Hello Campers, My name is Adam but you can call me Staryi Dub or just Dub for short! Just like the old oak I am the oldest of the bunch! I am so excited to be at camp again with everyone! Camp fires, singing, games, can’t wait! We are going to have so many adventures and fun times together, so grab your adventure hat and let’s Go!


Olen/Oлень (Halyna)

Hi everyone! My names Halyna but at camp you can call me Olen! I’m so so excited for another great year of camp, and i’m even more excited to meet all of you, and be able to play games and teach you guys some awesome arts and crafts!

Kachka/качка (Aysia)

Hello everyone! My name is Aysia however at camp I go by Kachka! I’m extremely excited for all the fun we will be having and I can’t wait to see you all!


We have a new counselor this year, welcome Bogdana! We can’t wait for you all to meet her. She is energetic, bubbly, outgoing and a whole lot of fun.

Jiraf/жираф (Tiana)

Hi my name is Tiana, but you can call me жираф. I’ve been a camper at St. Volodymyr camp for many years and it’s a blast every year. Hoping to make camp a fun experience for you too. I love the outdoors and I’m so excited to be outside in nature with you all.

Jen / bilka (білка)

Hello! My name is Jen but you can call me bilka. I’m so excited to come back to camp and do crafts and activities with you all!

кажан/kazhan (Ksenia)

Hello! My name is Ksenia (camp name кажан/kazhan). I’m super excited to be back at St. Volodymyr for another summer camp, and look forward to seeing all the new and familiar faces. Cant wait to see you there!

Counselor in Training

гриб (hryb) (Hailey)

Hey! My name is Hailey, my camp name is Hryv(mushroom). Cant wait to meet you all. See you there!

Michael / Solovey (соловей)

“Hello! My name is Michael, but at camp I’m known as Solovey! Can’t wait to see y’all!” 

Zayats/Заєць (Davyd)

Hi my name is Davyd but you can call me Zayats (Заєць) I am counselor in training this year. I have been to Saint Volodymyr camp a few times. It’s a lot of fun, can’t wait to see you all here.


Sophia love arts and crafts, photography and swimming! She had such a great time as a campers she is excited to continue to be involved in camp now as a CIT and hopefully as a counselor some day also! She has been a volunteer at Vesna festival and would love to share her passion for art with all the campers!

Braxton Oca

“Hello, my name is Braxton, but my camp name will be Oca. I am excited to spend time with everyone, and learn new things! In my free time I love playing sports like football and soccer, reading, and math! I look forward to meeting you all!”


Will is new to the team this year and is looking forward to learning more about his Ukrainian Heritage. He has previous experience leading VBS and loves being around people. Welcome Will we can’t wait for you to join us!

Fialka / Фіалка (Alexandra)

Hey! My name’s Alexandra but in camp I go by Fialka which is a flower called a violet. I’m so excited to be a CIT this year and meet all of you guys! I can’t wait to do activities and crafts together too. See you there!

Covid-19 Response

March 31, 2020

Dear Key Holders & Renters of St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Park,

The Government of Saskatchewan recently declared a state of emergency in order to address the COVID-19 pandemic. With heavy hearts we make a difficult decision regarding access to the Park for the 2020 season. The Board of Directors of St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Park Inc. have decided it is in the Key Holder’s & Renters best interest to close the Park to all access, effective Monday March 30, 2020. The Park is now off limits to all vehicle and foot traffic and is a No Trespassing area.

The safety of our Key Holders, Renters and Volunteer staff is important to us, which has lead us to make this tough decision. It would be a huge task to monitor social distancing and maintain proper sanitization protocol of the Park.

At this time, for everyone’s safety and peace of mind the Park will remain closed for the foreseeable future due to the unknowns of the COVID-19 Virus. Please watch your email for further updates in regards to Park access in the coming months. Thank you for your cooperation at this time with this matter.

Let’s be proactive and stay healthy and safe!

Bernie Bodnar. President, St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Catholic Park Inc.