Counselor Team 2022

Camp Directors

Лев/Lev (Luke)

Howdy Campers! Capitan Luke here but you can call me Lev which means Lion in Ukrainian. The number one thing I’m looking forward to the most is… everything!!

Старий дуб/Staryi Dub (Adam)

Hello Campers, My name is Adam but you can call me Staryi Dub or just Dub for short! Just like the old oak I am the oldest of the bunch! I am so excited to be at camp again with everyone! Camp fires, singing, games, can’t wait! We are going to have so many adventures and fun times together, so grab your adventure hat and let’s Go!


Olen/Oлень (Halyna)

Hi everyone! My names Halyna but at camp you can call me Olen! I’m so so excited for another great year of camp, and i’m even more excited to meet all of you, and be able to play games and teach you guys some awesome arts and crafts!

Kachka/качка (Aysia)

Hello everyone! My name is Aysia however at camp I go by Kachka! I’m extremely excited for all the fun we will be having and I can’t wait to see you all!


We have a new counselor this year, welcome Bogdana! We can’t wait for you all to meet her. She is energetic, bubbly, outgoing and a whole lot of fun.

Jiraf/жираф (Tiana)

Hi my name is Tiana, but you can call me жираф. I’ve been a camper at St. Volodymyr camp for many years and it’s a blast every year. Hoping to make camp a fun experience for you too. I love the outdoors and I’m so excited to be outside in nature with you all.

Jen / bilka (білка)

Hello! My name is Jen but you can call me bilka. I’m so excited to come back to camp and do crafts and activities with you all!

кажан/kazhan (Ksenia)

Hello! My name is Ksenia (camp name кажан/kazhan). I’m super excited to be back at St. Volodymyr for another summer camp, and look forward to seeing all the new and familiar faces. Cant wait to see you there!

Counselor in Training

гриб (hryb) (Hailey)

Hey! My name is Hailey, my camp name is Hryv(mushroom). Cant wait to meet you all. See you there!

Michael / Solovey (соловей)

“Hello! My name is Michael, but at camp I’m known as Solovey! Can’t wait to see y’all!” 

Zayats/Заєць (Davyd)

Hi my name is Davyd but you can call me Zayats (Заєць) I am counselor in training this year. I have been to Saint Volodymyr camp a few times. It’s a lot of fun, can’t wait to see you all here.


Sophia love arts and crafts, photography and swimming! She had such a great time as a campers she is excited to continue to be involved in camp now as a CIT and hopefully as a counselor some day also! She has been a volunteer at Vesna festival and would love to share her passion for art with all the campers!


Braxton was a camper in previous camps and is now back in the CIT program! Braxton loves to be around people, being outside and doing physical activity. He is close with his Ukrainian cultural heritage and looks forward to sharing his skills with all of you.


Will is new to the team this year and is looking forward to learning more about his Ukrainian Heritage. He has previous experience leading VBS and loves being around people. Welcome Will we can’t wait for you to join us!


Alexandra is joining us again this year as a CIT! Her favorite hobbies are nature hikes, swimming, field games, crafts and spending time with people. She has done Ukrainian dance since she was 5 and volunteered as a face painter at the Ukrainian Pavilion at Folk Fest. You are going to love hanging out with Alexandra at camp this summer!