Ukrainian Kids Camp – Success

We have a great year at St Volodymyr Camp!

We had 41 campers and 11 staff people attend camp for 10 days. The program will filled with religious and cultural activities. The things memories are made of!

Check out camp blog for stories and pictures. Camp Blog

We look forward to seeing everyone next year!

St Volodymyr 2017 – here we come!

The St Volodymyr Camp Committee 2017 meeting was full of buzz and excitement as we began to discuss all the details for St Volodymyr Camp 2017!

Now Hiring

The time has come to start recruiting out camp staff team! This includes camp counselors, Counselors in training and of course the most important person our camp director!

Join the Committee

We wanted to take a moment to send out the largest of thank yous to our previous kitchen organizer Mary Holowchuk who has been dedicated to St Volodymyr’s kitchen since 1987! She has not only planned, prepared meals, done grocery shopping, endless cleaning and sanitizing but has acted as a care giver to our campers, mentor to our kitchen volunteers and support system for our counselors and cit’s over the years. We realize those are big shoes to fill however we are seeking a new, enthusiastic individual who we can pass the kitchen torch to.

This year’s camp

We also have picked our camp dates! Registration forms will be coming in March, but you can save the date July 7 – 16 2017.

St. Volodymyr Camp 2016

Day 1, July 17, 2016

IMG_9801.JPGAll the kids where so eager to start this years’ camp adventure! We played some games, got to know each other and had our very first camp fire! So many friends to make and songs to learn!

Learning Camp Songs around the fire


Day 2, July 18,2016

Today We got into the swing of things in our first full day. We decorated cabin signs, made cheers for our cabins.

Painting Cabin Signs


Super happy to have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch today, it’s a camp favorite!

We LOVE pool time, especially on hot days. Camp has a lot of fun activities for us to play in the water, we have a raft, inner tube, water ball nets and each other to play with!


This year we have some great discovery nets so we can check out all the creatures that live in the grassy corner of the pool. We often find frogs of all shapes and sizes and today we found at least 6.

And a HUGE Thank you to the men who built the soccer nets, they make a great addition to camp!

Thank you Adam, John, Bob, Djura

In the evening we enjoyed some field game fun!


Day 3, July 19 2016

This morning we had a visit from Misty and Mac our favorite camp horses. We got to ride horse back as well as go on a horse cart ride around the beautiful camp site.

We also got to learn a very cool tradition of wheat weaving today we also learned cross stitching and had a blast getting to practice.

For lunch today we ate delicious chicken wraps and coleslaw. These camp cooks sure are awesome! Also the lemonade is a big hit!

Every day we have time for rosary and every night we do a cabin prayer with our cabin mates. Can’t wait until tomorrow for our excursion to pike lake!


Day 4, July 20 2016

This morning our amazing counselors in training ran their activity, we played some sports and did some fun crafts. Our CIT’s are so awesome! Can’t wait to see their other activities coming up in the next days. They sure do know how to have a good time.


Wow what an awesome excursion day! We took the school bus from Ukrainian Park to Pike Lake Provincial Park for beach activities, mini golf, and of course water sliding at the pool!

At the Pike Lake we had a hotdog roast which was amazing.

We also celebrated Alexandra’s 10th birthday today!


The weather has been so beautiful, we are always reminding each other about sun safety to make sure everyone has their hats, sun screen and are drinking a lot of water. We also have been taking some breaks in the shade and loving the cool water in the pool.

Day 5, July 21 2016

Today was a little bit crazy because we thought it might thunder storm and hail! But after a 60 second down pour the day went on without a hitch!

This morning we had a visit from Fr Mike of St P&P, he had so much knowledge and wisdom to share with our campers.


In the afternoon after pool time we got to try a shot at Archery with our friend Michael Kincade. He taught us all the tricks for a perfect shot, now just need time for practice.


This evening we had a special guest visit from Scouts Canada – we learned all kinds of survival skills which was loads of fun.

John has been working on building a wood log house insulated with sod. It is not big enough for humans to live there but a great size for small animals! John shared with us how they built things before modern tools using sticks and drilling holes the old fashion way.


Day 6, July 22 2016

What a treat, today Fr Ivan came to camp to teach us about nature and God and canoeing! We as so lucky to have the largest outdoor swimming pool in Saskatchewan right here on our camp site. The pool is fed by a natural spring and luckily is large enough for us to try our skills at canoeing and kayaking. We learned the basic strokes, canoe safety and what to do if we tip over!

The most memorable part of the day was a hike through the swamp to experience it first hand! A few people were brave enough and got to taste a fabulous (and unique) swamp snack – cat tail bulbs!

We are very happy that many different priests can join us for camp and lead us in building our relationship with God. We are so grateful for your contributions to our camp programming!

Tonight is the teen camp out activity. Our age 13-14 campers get to have an over night tenting experience right here at Ukrainian Park. Hopefully the rain will stay away and we can enjoy a evening under the stars with a camp cook out and great socializing and friendship building. For some of our teenaged campers this will be the last year as a camper at St Volodymyr Camp, we hope to see them again in the future as CIT’s and eventually counselors and maybe even camp director one day!

Day 7 July 23 2016

Well guess what? IT RAINED ALL NIGHT! Also in the middle of the night there was a loud crash of thunder, so the teen camp out activity was cut short and we all crawled into our cozy cabins for the rest of the night.

Today was a bit cool but we had a lot of fun playing some field games like the Dinosaur game. Each camper is given a tag to indicate if they are herbivores or carnivores. There is also a hunter assigned. The herbivores try to find food and water cards hidden around the camp site without being caught by the carnivores. If they are caught they must give the carnivores one of their food or water cards. It is like tag, hide and seek and scavenger hunt all rolled into one!

Tonight we had a farewell dance, we also made cookies in the wood stove beside the camp fire. What great fun and memories we made this week at camp.



Day 8 July 24 2016

Well that’s all folks! We cleaned up the camp site and planted a tree to remember the great time we had this week. We attended Divine Liturgy with the Ukrainian Catholic Community followed by lunch provided by the UBCB Bishop Roboreki Branch.

Thanks to all our camp counselors (Jenna, Kirk, Luke, Veronika and Jayden), CIT’s (Joseph, Max, Jocelyn and Kira) and especially our camp director (Olena) for making our camp so great.


Three Cheers!

Three cheers for those organizations and businesses that contribute funds to St. Volodymyr Camp each year! We would like to take a moment to recognize them. (not listed in order)

We could not host camp without you!

Thanks for the financial contributions from:

Knights of Columbus – Chapter
Worobetz Foundation,
UCBC Bishop Roboreki Branch 304
Tryzub Society
St. Peter and Paul
Knights of Columbus
Lux Family
Knights of Columbus Sheptytsky Council #4938
All Saints Women’s League North Battleford
Rayner Agencies
St George’s Seniors Citizen Club
St Peter and Paul UCWLC,
New Community Credit Union
EcoFriendly Sask

With a donation from the Lux Family we were able to install screen doors, purchase fans for the cabins and build bed boxes for the directors cabin.
With EcoFriendly Sask Action Grant we were able to provide programming that instills a respect for the natural environment. We did a bat presentation, session about stars and light pollution, composting workshop and a nature hike at Pike Lake.
With the generosity of the Worobetz Foundation we are able to provide subsidies for families who face financial hardships and are unable to afford the camp fees. Their funds also provide programming for the camp and help us to keep the camp fees low for everyone

Make Camp Better! – Volunteer


St. Volodymyr Camp has some great goals for 2016! To build a new playground for the children and add a new cabin to increase our capacity for future camps. But we can’t do it alone! We need some big bucks!

We are looking for volunteers to help us run the BBQ Fundraiser at Ukrainian Day in the Park

Sat August 22 2015

at Kiwanis Park beside the Bessborough hotel.

It doesn’t take much to make a big difference for our camp!

Please consider one of the following shifts:

8:00AM – 11:00AM SET UP
10:30AM-1:30PM Shift #1
1:30PM – 4:30PM Shift #2
4:30PM-7:30PM Shift #3
7:00PM – 10:00PM Clean Up

Reply as soon as possible at or call/text 306-220-2624

Work Day in June – Volunteers Required

We have many things that need to be done at the park before we are ready for camp! We have jobs for all ages and abilities so we hope to see you all there.


SAT JUNE 6th 9:00AM – We Drop

Lunch will not be provided to please bring food, snacks and drinks

We will be cleaning, sorting, moving, clearing, fixing etc. We have supplies but if you can think of something that will be useful (shop vac, brooms, wash cloths and buckets, etc etc) please bring them out.

RSVP to or call Adam 306-220-2624