Camp Food Donations

St Volodymyr Camp always has many generous food donations from community members. We are very grateful for this type of support as it allows us to keep camp fees low while still providing top quality meals and snacks for the participants. We have created a list of items that will be especially helpful for camp in 2015. Check out the link below to see the list and sign up as a donor for any particular item.

Thank you for all the donations of watermelon, they are a great snack!
Thank you for all the donations of watermelon, they are a great snack!

2015 Camp Dates

Camp 2015 will be Fri July 3 – Sun July 12. REGISTRATION PACKAGES WILL BE AVAILABLE IN FEBRUARY 2015. Save the date! Not only for your children but so you can take time off work if you wish to be involved in kitchen, maintenance, security or even camp counsellor positions.


Thank you for the food!

We appreciate everyone’s contributions and donations to camp. I hope I didn’t miss anyone:

Dwayne and Lorna Sabulsky – 2 watermelons and knife set

Bev and Mike Luczka – 2 fans, 6 watermelons, 10 pineapples

Hania and David Nahachewsky – Pizza pans, Saskatoon berry tarts

Linda Zemluk – rice krispy cake, watermelons

Janine Johnston – Ice Tea, cheese crackers and minchie mix

Olena Ivanin and Sergii Kovalenko – crackers and marshmellows

Seman Family – apples and cookies

Laruianne Gabruch – 2 large dish washing sinks

Natalia Garmasar – 3 packages of yogurt and 2 boxes of ritz crackers, bologna, cheese, water, candies

Sobey’s – 25$ at Preston Crossing

Linda and Terry Zemluk – Water cooler jubs 2 bags of scuffles

Bob and Dawn Ewert-Semeniuk – electric skillets, salad spinners, watermelon, disposable pans, pencils, juice boxes, paper bags

Rob and Sharleen Montague – box of freezies

Jen Downing – cookies, 3 watermelons, 2 boxes of popsicles

Tanya and Marko Baran – shower certians (mildew free!)


Donation from Worobetz Foundation

St Volodymyr Camp is grateful to the Stephen and Michelene Worobetz Foundation for their generous donation of $2500 to be designated to assist participants who do not have adequate financial resources to attend camp and towards programming costs in order to keep fees affordable.


The Worobetz Foundation is a private foundation that purchases administration support and guidance from the Saskatoon Community Foundation, a public foundation.

Stephen and Micheline Worobetz were dedicated to initiating and supporting efforts that improved the circumstances for individuals, institutions and community.

Their social conscience prompted them to devote their lives and their resources to this cause and created the Stephen and Micheline Worobetz Foundation.


Who is Flat Taras?!

I’d like you to meet Flat Taras, in honor of Shevchenko’s anniversary we have created the “Flat Taras” Project. This summer Flat Taras will attend 6 Eparchial Camps running in Canada. These camps offer over 13 weeks of incredible experiences for Ukrainian Catholic children and youth! During the camps we will take photos of Flat Taras hanging around at camp. Maybe he will be St. Michael’s campfire, doing archery at Camp Oselia, praying at Ukrainian Park Camp or going to St. Volodymyr’s dance party! After the summer has been completed all the pictures will be collected and launched on a website. This project will connect us together, show our best practices, recruit new counselors and campers, post news and share all the favorite games and songs. Flat Taras is hanging out at St. Volodymyr’s this week and is having a blast of course.


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