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Sunday July 16 2017 – Day Nine

Last Day! Thank you everyone for coming to camp this year! We couldn’t be more proud of the group of kids we had! The last day was spent cleaning and packing everything up. Divine Liturgy was at 1PM Thanks Father Janko Kolosnjaji for leading our Ukranian Catholic Divine Liturgy today in our very own Hutsul Style church.

Camp Counselors 2017

The counselors can’t wait to see you all in summer 2018!

Saturday July 15 2017 – Day Eight

The last day of camp! Today was a lot of fun! We had the Sask Reptile Show come to show us many different reptiles including snakes, tarantulas, turtles, iguanas and lizards! It was so cool and we sure have some fearless campers here!

After that we went for lunch which was pancakes and sausages! Breakfast for lunch… sweet deal!

In the afternoon since it was so hot we spent a lot of time swimming and playing with water balloons! Following our water fun we had a hotdog roast and got to have banana boats (bananas marsh mellows & chocolate melted together!) for dessert! The campfire had a twist tonight as everyone got into groups and performed a song & dance to be judged! Everyone did great and it was a super fun time!

One more half day left! Everyone can’t wait to see their parents! Goodnight.

Friday July 14 2017 – Day Seven

Today Father Ivan Nahachewsky came to teach us some great stuff!

We did first aid

Candle Making


Fire Building

THEN we had a dance and the teens went on the teen camp out.

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Thursday July 13 2017 – Day Six

Today was PIKE LAKE DAY, but before we departed we took our official camp photo by the camp fire

Got It (157)

We took a school bus down the road to Pike Lake provincial park where we got to play mini golf, have beach time and ride boats in the lake!

We ended our evening with a hotdog supper and trip to the Pike Lake pool where we could use the waterslide! What a fun day.

Wednesday July 12 2017 – Day Five

We are so blessed to have came this far with this many campers and still see everyone smiling and in great condition!

Today was very very fun! First we had Marian Mutala come to read her book “More Babas” It was a great book and the kids loved it as mostly all of them can relate to having the best babas ever!! We then all got a piece of a Canada flag puzzle and got to write why we love Canada on it, we then put it together and it is a beautiful masterpiece done by all! A lot about heritage and culture was learnt!


We had a swim time after lunch followed by Father Andre coming to do a Ukrainian marriage presentation! A fake wedding was reenacted and the kids LOVED it because some haven’t experienced anything like that before!

Supper was delicious ham and mashed potatoes and corn! The kitchen staff are so appreciated and the comment from kids are nothing but positive. WE LOVE YOU!!

The evening consisted of receiving a cheque from the Worobetz Foundation that will complete our funding for our brand new playground that will be built next year! A huge thanks for the donation.


We then played the dinosaur game, a camp favorite. Followed by snack and songs around the camp fire.

Now it’s time for bed so everyone can be rested for our Pike Lake excursion tomorrow! YAY!! We can’t wait.

Tuesday July 11 2017 – Day Four

Despite the gloomy weather we made the most out of our day! Activities like soccer, kickball and Frisbee were super popular!

After breakfast 2 ladies from little green thumbs (agriculture students rom U of S) came to teach us about worms, how to compost, and we even got to plant out own plants that sprout into peas, sunflowers or beans! Sooo cool & everyone loved it.

Today is McKenna’s birthday ! Yes, we had cake 🙂 Mnohaya lita McKenna!!

St Volodymyr Camp 2017 Day 3 (117)

The evening consisted of a few fun games in the field and we prayed the rosary in both Ukrainian and English to end the night! It was a great day and the kids are all still smiling and doing wonderful!

St Volodymyr Camp 2017 Day 3 (143)


Monday July 10 2017 – Day Three

Every morning we gather around the flag pole to say a morning prayer, sing a Ukrainian song and do some stretches. It’s a chance to make sure everyone is there with their hat, water bottle and sunscreen before the day begins.

St Volodymyr Camp 2017 Day 2 (47).JPG

Today we had a great project hosted by the very talented Tanya Panamaroff. She taught us about Rozpys.

After every meal we take turn being charge of cleaning all the dishes! Everyone does their part to keep camp running.

St Volodymyr Camp 2017 Day 2 (57)


Sunday July 9th 2017 – Day Two

What a warm day!

Today we had A LOT of fun playing in the sun (with a lot of sunscreen, hats, and water of course) Kickball, jumbo jinga & the new parachute were a huge hit!

A special thank you to Sarah Buchko the Ukranian Catholic Eparchy Youth Minister for coming to play some games requiring a lot of teamwork and having a discussion with the campers about how to overcome obstacles in life! A very valuable lesson!

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After lunch we had swim time, which was very much needed followed by a Sunday Divine Liturgy.

St Volodymyr Camp 2017 (18).JPG

This afternoon we celebrated Divine Liturgy with Father Janko Kolosjanji in the Hutsul style church on the hill. It was a great experience for everyone to celebrate together.

St Volodymyr Camp 2017 (12)

We had the most amazing dinner tonight with roast beef and scallop potatoes made by our amazing kitchen staff. We love the cooks!

Camp fire was a blast learning a bunch of new Ukrainian songs thanks to our lovely counselor Kvitka and her wonderful singing voice! Now it’s time to rest for a new day of fun tomorrow!

Saturday July 8 2017 – Day One

Today was filled with a lot of outdoor activities!

Day one group photo

After breakfast every cabin came up with a cabin name to represent them then designed a picture to be hung up on their cabin door!

Cabin 1 – Cabin of Cuddly Critters

Cabin 2 – Mooses лося

Cabin 3 – Churtles (crabs and turtles)

Cabin 4 – Flaming Hot Cheetahs

Cabin 5/6 – Cucumanas (cucumbers and bananas)

St Volodymyr Camp 2017 (51).JPG

We had a nice long swim followed by freezies for snack yum!

St Volodymyr Camp 2017 (99)

After our delicious hamburger supper (thanks to all the kitchen staff!!), we had a counselor scavenger hunt in the evening followed by a game of charades and songs by the fire!


Lets pray for another beautiful day tommorrow that will be filled with een more fun in the sun! We are so fortunate to have had no serious injuries/sick kids thus far and lets continue to hope it stays that way! Look at these happy campers!