Job Description of a St. Volodymyr Camper

Hey Future St. Volodymyr Campers!

The St. Volodymyr Camp Committee has been working hard to make sure our camp is an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFE TIME! But we need your help! These are all the things we need from YOU, our campers,  to make this camp the most amazing one ever!

Don’t be shy, make new friends.

Be Brave, try new things.

Include everyone, don’t leave anyone out.

Participate in all activities.

Love the cooks! Say please and thank you always.

Dance like no one is watching and sing your heart out.

Stay clean, brush your teeth and have a shower every day.

Tell us what you think! What activities do you enjoy more and less?

Stay healthy, eat well, drink a lot of water and get lots of sleep.

Participate in cleaning groups and keep your sleep area clean and tidy.

Be prepared, wear the correct shoes and clothes depending on the activity. Don’t forget bug spray and sun screen.

Be safe in the water: Know your limits, do not dunk your friends underwater.

If you have a problem talk to a counselor that you trust.

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