St. Volodymyr Camp 2019 Blog


Day 1: Welcome! It sure was a rainy day today! We went over our camp rules and introduced our staff team! Our campers settled into their cabins and met new & old friends! The rain put a bit of a damper on our plans but the campers were happy with cabins games before they had a late night snack and went to bed! Stay tuned for what the next week brings! We also took our camp picture today! Dramatic!


Day 2: We started our day off with some nice toast and boiled egg breakfast. As the day warmed up we ended up spending lots of time playing a variety of games outside, like soccer and parachute. We had a delicious dinner before hitting the pool with that sun and boy was It refreshing!

Today was also a very special day for one of our campers! Alexandra turned 13 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI!


After supper, we had one of our favorite presenters – StarMan! We had perfect weather to view Jupiter and its moons as well as Saturn and its Rings using his super cool telescope!!!100_1046

Good night families!

Day 3!!!

Today was a great day! We began the day with waffles! Everybody loves waffles (almost as much as bacon)!!!


Then we had a special guest for our 13-14 year old campers and 15-17 year old staff, by Corman Park Police! Cst. Hamm taught us about safety and leadership – it was very well received! During that time the rest of the campers exhausted themselves with an intense game of kickball!



Once all the campers reunited, why not a game or two of Capture the Flag before a harty hamburger dinner!

20190721_140120After lunch we were blessed to have Fr Janko lead us in Liturgy in our Hutsal style church (Did you know that not a single nail was used when it was built?) – PRAISE THE LORD FOR OUR MANY BLESSINGS.  Naturally, an afternoon swim was in order afterward with a freezie snack, because that sun got warm!!!20190721_200256

We began to end the day with some lasagna, garlic bread, and salad at supper, a few more field games before we were joined by Morris Penteluik and his Tsymbala at the camp fire! Many camp had never seen or played one, so they quite enjoyed it!

Everyone went to bed so well! See you in dream Land!

Day 4!

WHAT A DAY!!!  We kicked off the day with some classic boiled eggs, yogurt, and english muffins! Mmmm! Pani Stacia came and spoke to us about the cross and what it means to “Lift the Cross” followed by a cross craft and Pysanky. What a creative morning!


For lunch we had smokies on a bun with Mac ‘n’ Cheese and veggies, followed by a refreshing swim. The sun was trying to take us down but freezies were on our side!!! Keeping hydrated, hatted, and lotioned is priority number one this summer.100_1042

Around 4pm, Jordan Welbourne, of W3apons, came and was a musical presenter, teaching us all about ukrainian folk music. He was Awsome! You can hear his band on C95 Saskatoon!20190722_163903


Day 5!

This day was a long day! This morning was not quite the same as ever other morning for the campers. Jenny and Chelsea from Agriculture in the Classroom came and presented to us about turning wheat into pancakes. They started off by making whole wheat out of wheat kernels. Then the campers made pancake batter, strawberry syrup and whipped cream, and it was all very delicious!


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For lunch, we had a very scrumptious taco salad an left over Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Then the campers jumped in the pool for a swim.

Next, Tanya Panamaroff came and presented to the campers on how to make chotky and prayer boxes. They all used colourful beads and paints to make each craft unique to themselves.20190723_154421


Then for supper, our cooks made some pulled pork to put on buns, and coleslaw which the campers couldn’t get enough of!

Later after supper, the campers came back downstairs and we all played a few rounds of kickball in the baseball diamonds. We all had a blast!100_1250

Then after the activity, all the campers gathered by the fire for one last presenter for that day. Father Jeffrey Stephanuik came to play his bandura for campfire. We all clapped and sang along to him playing. And that was the day!!20190723_204502

Day 6!

This morning we started out a little bit rough. We got hit with thunder and lightning. Luckily, it was over shortly after breakfast. For breakfast, the campers had pancakes, toast, beagles, and cereal.

Next, the campers went back to their cabins to pack for the Pike Lake excursion which took place starting after lunch. For lunch, the campers enjoyed some chicken wraps and chips before we got on the bus for Pike Lake!

Then, before we all got on the bus, we took a group picture in front of the tree in front of the kitchen.


Shortly after, we all got on the bus for Pike Lake!

All of the campers got into their four cleaning groups and off they went to participate in four different activities. There was canoeing, geocaching, mini golfing, and time at the beach. The campers had a blast!



For supper, the campers enjoyed hot dogs and blue Powerade. Then shortly after, we all went down to the pool for a swim. It was very refreshing after a long hot day.


After swim time was over, we all got back on the bus to head back to the camp. As soon as we got back to camp, the campers all got watermelon as a snack. After snack, we all went back to the cabins for bedtime after an extremely fun day at Pike Lake!

Day 7!

A rainy day. Today we mostly stayed indoors because of the rain. We worked on our cheers for our cabin groups and had free time in the cabins or the art hall between meals. Finally the rain stopped just in time for our Dance Party!!20190725_212728It was a blast!

Day 8!

The sun is shining! Dinosaurs in camp??? What!! I’m a Dinosaur?

We played the Dinosaur game today. Some campers were herbivores. They had to find the counselors who were food, water, and shelter. Then the Carnivores were let loose. They tried to eat the Herbivores. Then the Hunters were released! they hunted all the dinosaurs. It is a camp favorite game. It was so fun, that we even forgot to take pictures!

In the afternoon we did Archery. This year, Cabela’s sponsored us for 5 Brand new compound bows and all the pieces that go with them. They were awesome! Our Top shooters with a bulls eye each were Hailey, Yuri, and Thomas. Good job campers!

Day 9

Weather today was great! After everyone’s morning stretches we went up for breakfast meanwhile our presenters were preparing downstairs!

The first presenters hosted us a Reptile show and as an addition they brought along some rescues!


After the crazy reptile show we had soccer time! Our friends from the Saskatchewan Soccer Association came by to organize pro-level games! They showed us some cool tricks too!

After all that soccer everyone was tired and needed a break, luckily we had Saskatchewan’s largest outdoor nature-fed swimming pool to jump into!

Day 10!

For a final time we met at flag, warmed up and had a quick breakfast.

Every camper, staff member and park squirrel help with cleanup! What an effort! We scanned all over the park and picked up anything left behind!

Later on when the parents arrived we had a Liturgy with F. Janko and headed out home!

Thank you everyone for an amazing year! See you next year!