Key Holder Bookings Page

Key Holders in good standing can use the link to reserve a space at the park!

July 1 2022 – July 7 2022

July 8 2022 – July 14 2022

July 15 2022 – July 21 2022 -site closed for camp

July 22 2022 – July 28 2022

Please note there is no volunteer requirement by signing up even tho the site we use is a volunteer sign up sheet. It is simply the best free option for us to organize the sites.

Booking include 11am check in – 11am the following day for check out. If you will be staying after 11AM the next day please book both days.

Over night camping fees

RV $25.00 per night

Tent $10.00 per night

This is a self governing system so please approach other key holders in a cooperative manner and communicate if there is a mix up in times or locations and work it out in a respectful way.

To report a complaint please email


Site 1 – BBQ, close to water, great for camper

Site 2 – BBQ, Close to water, electrified great for camper

Site 3 – BBQ, Close to water, electrified, great for camper

Site 4 – future fire ring close to water, great for a tent

Site 5 – Electrified shared with #6, close to wood pile, close to water, BBQ, great for large campers or a few tents

Site 6 – electrified shared with #5, close to wood pile, close to water, great for camper

Site 7 – Fire Pit, close to water, close to wood pile, perfect for tents

Site 8 – future fire ring, good for tent, Close to wood pile

Site 9 – Nothing there yet, just a space

Site 10 – BBQ, Fire Ring, close to water, good for tent, beside playground

Site 11 – Close to water, beside playground, bbq

Site 12 – Picnic Table, Close to Wood Pile, Fire Ring, plug in, water tap, beside beach volleyball, close to water tap

Site 13 – picnic table, BBQ pit, smoker, beside swing set, close to water tap

Site 14 – plug in, picnic table, fire ring, close to wood pile, close to water tap

Site 15 – BBQ, Electrified, close to washroom building, water