2018 St Volodymyr Camp Blog

Day 10:

This morning we woke up to a breakfast filled with a bunch of things including: pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, cereal and sausage! A pretty great last breakfast!

In the morning we spent our time cleaning up the site, packing all of our things and bonding with friends until it was time to say goodbye!

At 1PM we met our families at the church and had mass with Father Yanko! It was so great to reunite with our families after 9 days. After mass we had a Praznyk lunch sponsored by the brotherhood. We enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, watermelon and salads. Afterwards the families all got to watch the campers sing campfire songs they practiced through out the week and performed their cabin cheers. Also they were introduced to all the staff and people that help out with camp and make all of this possible!

Thanks so much for making camp 2018 such a success! We couldn’t have done it without all of the campers, their families, volunteers and staff! We had such a great time and can’t wait for next year.

Have a great rest of summer 2018!


Day 9:
Today we woke up to hashbrowns and french toast for breakfast! After breakfast we played the dinosaur game again because the campers love it that much!!!
For lunch we had chilli and rice.
After lunch we spent time by the pool and had Gift of Sport come to teach us Rugby! It was so fun on such a nice day!
St Volodymyr Camp 2018 (511)
We had breakfast for supper which was pancakes, sausage & eggs! Yummmm!!!
Since the evening was so warm we spent most of it swimming and playing beach volleyball!
We then practiced and prepared for our little performance tomorrow for the parents! The campers are so excited to see their families!!! One more sleep!


Day 8:

This morning we had hashbrowns, fruit and oatmeal for breakfast!

During the day we had a presentation about the 150 year anniversary of Father Delaere on catechism done by Father Micheal! It was super interesting and the kids learnt a lot!

Today was spent in the sun for the most part! We enjoyed swimming, soccer and random field games!

For supper we had PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM! Thanks Panago for all the cheese pizzas.

In the evening the 13-14 year olds went on a campout where they get to enjoy sleeping in tents and sleeping away from the rest of camp! The rest of the kids had a dance party with pop and popcorn! It was a partyyyy!!!!

We are so excited to see our families in 2 days! We will be making the most out of the rest of camp foresure! Stay tuned for more fun!!!

Day 7:

Today we woke up to a lovely waffle breakfast after a nice sleep in after Pike Lake! After breakfast we had Ukrainian hour and the kids got to make pysanka.

For lunch we had ham, corn and potatoes! After lunch we had swim time followed by a guest presenter Tanya Panaroff who came and made beautiful glass pantings with the campers with the choice of many different designs!

St Volodymyr Camp 2018 (716)

For supper we had SILLY SPAGHETTI which was basically normal spaghetti that was to be eaten with a given kitchen utensil (spatula, ladles, potato mashers, etc) The kids loved it and kept them smiling all supper long!

St Volodymyr Camp 2018- (80)

In the evening we had some free time and played field games and to wrap up the night we had a campfire and sang our favourite songs! Today was great 😃😃


Day 6:

For breakfast we had cereal and toast!

Today was Pike Lake Day! The campers favourite day! Before we left we had a delicious taco salad lunch.

St Volodymyr Camp 2018 (339).JPG

We all got to try pond dipping, geo caching, beach time and canoeing/kayaking!!! To end the day we had 2 hours of pool time in the nice heated Pike Lake pool with the waterslide it was so fun and a nice change from our regular pool.


We had a hot dog roast for supper and today was overall a super great day!

St Volodymyr Camp 2018- (12)

4 more days left!

Day 5:

Breakfast this morning was eggs, oatmeal and toast!

After breakfast we had a wonderful presentation by Agriculture in the Classroom where we got to draw, paint with dirt and plant our own micro plants with different plants to choose from!

The kids then had a chance to make there own cameras / develop photos with Karen Pidskalny which was super fun and interesting. They got to enjoy swimming, kickball and soccer throughout the day and enjoyed delicious pulled pork for lunch!

For supper we had a definite camp favourite perogies and kovbasa!!!

After dinner we were taught ukrainian dance by Tanya Baran from Solovei Dance. We went through many dance steps and learnt about Ukrainian dance costumes and traditions! The campers loved it.

We ended the night with a campfire and the kids went to bed so happy to be headed to pike lake tommorow! The best day of camp!!!

Day 4:

This morning we woke up to a wonderful sausage and potato pancake breakfast! It was delicious!

Cow Boy Breakfast
After breakfast we had a presentation on bullying and how to make friends and include everyone at camp and in everyday life!




For lunch we had burgers and mashed potatoes and after lunch we spent a few hours in the pool which was so nice on a hot to hot and not to cold day!!! After we spent the afternoon with Jordan Welbourne who did a presentation on traditional ukrainians and the evolution of music!

For supper we had a make your own wrap night! It was so yummy.

After that we had an epic game of capture the flag. To wind down Jordan sang some ukrainian songs with the kids and they are snug in bed!


Day 3:

Today we woke up to a wonderful breakfast of cereal, eggs, and fruits. After breakfast we had Ukrainian hour which gives the campers an opportunity to learn more about our culture!

After the scouts came to camp to teach us many life long valuable lessons including: meal preparation ie: chopping carrots and potatos, making their hamburger and vegetable lunch in foil over the fire, chopping wood and building fires! They were super fun and taught us all so much.




After scouts we had liturgy with Father Micheal followed by supper which was pork souvlaki and fried rice! Sooo yummy!


In the evening we played the dinosaur game which the campers love. It was so great to see everyone get along – after so much running they enjoyed freezies and pickles, cheese and crackers. – another camp FAVORITE!!

Camps going so great!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so great to see everyone smiling and happy these first few days!

Day 2:

We had bagels, yoghurt, boiled eggs and apple/orange juice for breakfast

Today was filled with fun in the sun! We started the day making cabin names and signs for each of the cabins!
Cabin 1: The Nature Girls
Cabin 2: Nessie
Cabin 3: Bopits
Cabin 4: The Real Tigers
Cabin 5/6: The Noisy Juans (get it Juans??)






Every day we have UKRAINIAN HOUR dedicated to learning Ukrainian language and heritage in fun interactive activities – today we had a presentation by Viktoria Marko the youth minister for the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon.






For lunch we had macaroni and cheese and hotdogs!

We spent a lot of time swimming this afternoon and played a few field games to burn some energy!






For dinner we had chicken fingers, rice and ceaser salad and it was SO good! A huge thanks to the kitchen staff and volunteers for making all of our meals and snacks possible!

This evening we had a counsellor scavenger hunt which is a camp favourite and the counsellors had extra good hiding spots this year.

We ended the night with a campfire and a special presentation from the star man who brought 2 telescopes to look at the stars and a super neat Bill Nye video! The campers loved it!






Goodnight everyone! Can’t wait to share all of our adventures with you!

Day 1:

This evening consisted of a basic orientation for all the campers! They met the director, the counsellors, and learnt all the rules and expectations of camp 2018.




The campers also had the chance to see the BRAND NEW park that will foresure be put to use all the time!

St V 2018 Day One (4)

We ended the night with snack (cheese and crackers with pickles) and campfire and learnt a bunch of new songs that we can’t wait to perform for the parents!



St V 2018 Day One (41)St V 2018 Day One (62)St V 2018 Day One (39)



Stay tuned for the next 9 days.. we can’t wait!!!

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