Camp 2015 Blog

Day 1- July 3rd- We are off to a great start at camp with all the campers eager to make new friends and have an awesome time! All the campers got to put their mark on camp this year by adding their hand print to our camp board at the welcoming ceremony!DSCN3242

After getting orientated with camp we ended the night with an awesome campfire and then off to bed, anxiously awaiting tomorrows activities!


Day 2- July 4th-  The boys started off the day by waking up at the crack of dawn… leaving the girls still snug in bed, fast asleep! We started off the morning with a little exercise to get the blood pumping!


We had 4 amazing visitors today! Thank you to Mack, Misty, Teresa and David for teaching us about horses, and they even let us ride them, the kids were so thrilled!



Pool Time = Happy Time! 🙂


We also had Deacon Thomas come out today to do some fun activities with the kids and even help us learn a little about the moon!Neat o!DSCN3597

Ending off the night with campfire then off to bed to re-energize!


Day 3- July 5th Open Day

This morning the kids had the opportunity to work on their ukrainian communication, and they LOVED it. Dr. Natalia Khanenko Friesen from the U of S came out to play some fun games and work with the campers in ukrainian.


Always time for a quick freezy break!


The girls practicing hard for their Cabin cheer Debut.


Hot Dog Roast


Fun with Family!!


Ron Waldren the Star Man came out tonight and taught the kids about the stars, planets and light pollution.Unfortunately, it was too cloudy to use the telescope 😦


Day 4- July 4th   Father Ivan came out for the whole day to do some amazing Activities with the kids, first up kayaking and canoeing!DSCN3864

While the kids waited their turn to learn with Fr. Ivan they made some awesome friendship bracelets/ lanyards.


And played some awesome field games!


After Lunch and pool time was group reflection time led by Fr. Ivan,not your ordinary reflection time!

DSCN3933 DSCN3958 DSCN3969

The campers also got to go on a hike!


And even make their evening snack in the peech ( fire oven)!


Day 5- July 7th – Today Fr. Andre Lalach and Luba Lalach came to teach the kids about the Holy Mysteries, AND we will be getting a visit from some small nocturnal visitors, can’t wait!


The boys loved cross-stitching so much that’s all they did during their free-time!


Th kids also got a visit from Melanie from Ecology for Kids and they got to learn about bats and build bat houses!



Dinosaur game, turning friends against each other since prehistoric times.


Campfire shenanigans.


Day 6– July 8th Pike Lake Day!

The kids got a chance to get off the campground and head to Pike lake today where they, went on a nature hike, met a new friend ” shteeve” (the snake), had a sand castle competition, did some beach shenanigans, had some ice cream and ended off the day with a dip in the pool!

DSCN4544 DSCN4756 DSCN4770 DSCN4844 DSCN4887 DSCN4907 DSCN4989

Day 7- July 9th – Hot day today! The kids had a Ultimate disc presenter today and took some much needed freeze and water balloon breaks! Water balloon pranks were definitely afoot!

DSCN5157 DSCN5190 DSCN5066 DSCN5136 DSCN5176

Day 9- July 10th – Today we learnt about composting and found new ways to beat the heat!

DSCN5234 DSCN5351 DSCN5453

The counselors got to show their creative talents with some face painting!


We were also blessed with a donation of a Linden tree from Dutch Growers in Saskatoon. The children got the opportunity to help plant it!


In the evening the younger children got to have a glow party! while the older kids got to brave the mosquito and go camping for the evening! What agreat way to spend our last day of camp!

077 DSCN5720

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