Pre-Camp – Weekend Before Camp

Camp Counselor Training

School is over and camp preparations are in full swing! This weekend was the camp counselors training weekend. On Friday night we met for the Camp Counselor “Meet and Greet” this gave everyone a chance to get to know each other and choose their camp name! The camp name is a word from nature translated into Ukrainian. Our counselors have now been “re-born” with their new name and will be know by this name for the rest of camp! You can see their names under the “camp staff” tab on the website.

Day two was a big planning day, we planned a great schedule for the campers including Goofy Olympics and a Dance Party. There will be lots of running and playing and Enjoying God’s world in our program. There were a lot of changes made to the past format, some of those will include: All programs will be large group, Campers will not participate in “classroom type” activities but interactive learning experiences, Ukrainian Language will be incorporated into all activities in place of classroom style language learning, there will be ongoing evaluation of the camp’s new format.

Mary and Tamara are hard at work preparing groceries and food for the week! I even heard Mary was at the whole salers today picking up the buckets of ice cream to store in the freezer at camp. Be prepared to eat!

Today the camp counselors will be attending Liturgy at St. George’s followed by a trip out to Ukrainian Park so they can prepare for the kids to arrive tomorrow!Camp Councelors

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