2018 Staff

We are happy to introduce our camp staff for 2018

Nebesa (Nichole)
Camp Director


Nebesa is back for her second year as camp director! She has an extensive background working with youth and coordinating programs in a variety of settings – currently as the program coordinator for Learn and Play in Saskatoon. She works hard and plays hard too. You know the ship is in good hands when Nebesa is at the wheel.

Zhaba (Jenna)


We are so happy to have Zhaba returning for her 4th year as a counselor at camp. Her expertise lies in swimming and camp fire songs that’s for sure! But what’s so great about Zhaba is her ability to build strong relationships with all her campers, she’s a great leader and role model for all of us! She has received her certification as a youth care worker and has built some amazing life experience through her practicum with at risk youth. Be prepared to sing songs around the camp fire with Zhaba this summer!

Mishka (Mackenzie)

mackenzie 1

Mishka is back for her 3rd year as a counselor – what a treat! We love her friendly, kind personality and her creativity! She always wants to make sure the campers has such an amazing time – because she remembers what a great time she had when she was a kid at camp. Her passion for working with children always shines through. Making friends and having fun is always easy when Mishka is around.

Vesna (Veronika)

Veronika 1

Vensa is back for her 3rd year as a counselor and loves to play with the kids! Everyone loves her calm and cool personality. Originally from Ukraine, Vesna loves to share her experience and knowledge with everyone. She enjoys art and outdoor activities. She is ready to make sure every camper has a fun time this summer!




Welcome, Nikita, to the St Volodymyr Camp family. He is big into sports! Especially team sports like Rugy and Basketball. He spent summers of his childhood (just like you!) attending summer camp in Ukraine and knows how important it is to allow children to build up valuable skills that can be used in the future. Living 18 years in Ukraine he can share many things about language and culture with you. Remeber to give Nikita a high five on the first day of camp!

Jr Counselor


This will be Oleksiy’s first year at camp and can’t wait to spend some time enjoying the beautiful nature camp has to offer. He’s into sports especially soccer and football. Being born in Ukraine, Oleksiy enjoys keeping his cultural identity alive by speaking in Ukrainian with his friends and studying Ukrainian subjects in school. He is ready to have some fun with everyone at camp and teach the kids from his experiences.

Jr Counselor


Welcome Valeriia, to her first year as part of the St Volodymyr Camp family. She has plenty of experience leading activities at vacation bible school and is a dance instructor. She has a passion for singing, dancing and performing. Valariia will bring joy and happiness to everyone at camp this summer with her fun loving personality. She is looking forward to meeting you all there!

Tyhr (Taras)


Tyhr loves camp so much he will be there every chance he gets! He spent many years as a camper and now his 2nd year as a CIT! He loves making everything about camp interesting for the campers, spending quality time and making personal connections is his priority. He will make sure every camper, counselor and squirrel feels part of the St V’s family. He is Ukrainian and PROUD – he could eat kutya and dance hopak all day! Tyhr will work hard to make every year of camp better than the last – even tho every year is so great! Enjoy the beautiful nature of the park with Thyr.


noa 1

Noa was a camper for the last 3 years and has moved into his first year as a CIT. I hope you like soccer! Noa has a lot of experience coaching and being a referee for soccer and loves all kinds of sports and field games. He was the youngest player on his high school basketball team this year. He is looking forward to staying active, running around and having a good time with everyone this summer at camp.



This is Anna’s first year as CIT and she is excited to bring lots of ideas and enthusiasm to her position. She has fond memories as a camper swimming every day. She has experience working with kids from her volunteer work at Vacation Bible School and loves art, crafts and creative play. She is also a Ukrainian dancer. Anna is ready to make your camp experience the highlight of your summer!

Maria Victoria


The newest member of our team is Victoria! She enjoys art and writting and will enjoy a new Canadian experience with you. Originally she is from Ukraine and will have many interesting things to share with you.