2021 Counselor Team

Bdzhola (Olena)

Camp Director

Hello! My name is Olena, but at camp I’m known as Bdzhola! I’m excited to explore the outdoors and do science projects together!!! See you soon!

Mak (Max)


Hi my name is Max but you guys can also call me Mak. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and having some fun! See you all soon. 

Vohon (Sean)


Hi my name is Sean but you can call me Vohon. I’m extremely looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you and am excited to play some sports out in the field with you guys. See you guys soon.

Olen (Halyna)

Jr Counselor

Hi My named Halyna but you can call me Olen! I’m super excited to sing and play games with all of you! See you soon!

Kozel (Teah)

Counselor in Training

Hi!! My name is Teah but you can call me T (tee) or by my camp name Kozel, it’s my first year as a CIT and I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve come to this camp for as long as i can remember and I’m very excited to be a CIT this year!! I am so excited and eager to meet all of you. And i cant wait to make new friends and have an awesome time at camp. Hope your excited for camp, sitting around the fire, singing songs, swimming and lots of other fun activities. Cant wait to see you there!

Jiraf (Tiana)

Counselor in training

“Hi my name is Tiana, but you can call me жираф. I’ve been a camper at St. Volodymyr camp for many years and it’s a blast every year. Hoping to make camp a fun experience for you too. I love the outdoors and I’m so excited to be outside in nature with you all.”

Kazhan (Ksenia)

Counselor in training

Hi, my name is Ksenia – but you can call me кажан. I’m super excited to be back at camp. Can’t wait to do some arts and crafts with you guys. 

Kachka (Jen)

Counselor in training

Hi there, My name is Jen but you guys can call me Kachka (качка). I’m so excited for all of the crafts and activities we’ll be doing together. Can’t wait to see you all!”