2019 Staff Line-up!

Staff Bio:


Jenna / Zhaba (Counselor)

Returning for her 5th year! She is a powerhouse counselor who loves working with children. She recently graduated with her Youth Care Worker Diploma! CONGRATS! Zhaba loves the sun & the pool and even though she will do everything to prevent your child from getting a sunburn, we guarantee your child will see her with one at some point… – Remember sun block this year Zhaba!

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Mackenzie / Mishka (Counselor)

Returning for her 4th summer! Another rock-star staff who is working toward her Youth Care Worker Diploma. She loves to work hard and play harder, no matter what the activity, unless it involves bats…

St Volodymyr Camp 2018- (80)

Oleksiy / Okun (Counselor)

Returning for his 2nd year! After last year he fell in love the camp, the campers and the atmosphere – so he joined the planning committee! Ukraine born Okun, is great at communicating with campers, possibly because he’s a camper at heart! If anyone deserves a award for heart – it’s this guy!


Valeriia / Vyshnia (Counselor)

Returning for her 2nd year! This Ukraine born bubbly personality is sure to brighten your children’s day! Vyshnia is always kind & compassionate with others and always takes her time to ensure that everyone is included – while wearing her BIG bright smile! 😀


Denys (Counselor)

This will be his first year! Ukraine born & now hailing from Regina, we are excited to accept Denys into our STV Family with open arms, his energetic personality & passion for cars & ability to teach swimming & boxing will be a great addition! Welcome!


Maksym / Mak (Counselor)

Returning for his 2nd year! Max began as a camper & evolved into a staff member in 2016, took a few year off & now is right back at it! He is the adventure type with a kind heart! What a deadly combination!


Taras / Tyhr (Jr Counselor)

Returning for his 3rd year! This Ukraine born, is living proof that hard work does pay off. Tyhr, used to attend St. Volodymyr as a energetic & rambunctious camper, he moved into a staff role in 2017, & recently joined the committee! We believe his energetic and fun-loving personality inspires others to continue their love & involvement in the camp! 😀

Sean CIT

Sean / Vohon (Jr Counselor)

Returning for his 3nd year! Vohon has been a CIT & a Kitchen staff & ambitiously continues to grow! With his love of soccer, he’s sure to help your children’s skills grow, while using up the remainder of their energy on the field!


Anna / Akoola (Counselor-In-Training)

Returning for her 2nd year! Akoola is the definitions of “taking the bulls by the horns”! Never afraid to take charge & follow her gut! Having been a campers herself, she easily finds ways to connect with the campers! Can’t wait for campfires with Akoola!

noa 1

Noa / Pole (Counselor-In-Training)

Returning for his 2nd year! This sports buff is quite the athlete! Whether its soccer, kickball, volleyball, the Dinosaur Game or just a game of tag, Pole is sure to keep your kids moving!


Helyna / Olen (Counselor-In-Training)

This is her first year! Helyna is moving from camper to staff & is very excited! This sporty fun loving Helyna is sure to show her creative side while keeping your kids engaged!


Aysia / Kachka (Counselor-In-Training)

This is her first year! Aysia is also moving from a camper to staff! Her ability to connect & be open with others is huge strength of Aysia’s, were sure she’ll make sure the campers are settled in in know time!

Nichole Director

Nichole / Nebesa (Director)

Returning for her 3rd year! Nebesa is a camp committee member and has been working in the non-profit sector and with children for more than a decade & it shows, her kind and compassionate demeanor is always shining through!